Letters from Children

Let me share with you a few of the letters I’ve received from some of the beautiful children I’ve had the pleasure of singing for/with in the past few years.

USA, February 2004

I love your singing. I love learning Polish and other languages. I appreciate you coming, Mrs. Rogoff. — Matt

Thank you for coming. I liked your singing. — Nick

Thank you. I think it’s cool that you have so many languages. The song I like the best is the lollypop song. — Miranda

Thanks for coming to North America. I loved your music so much. I felt as if I was asleep. — Sam

Thank you for coming to our school. You had a good voice. I liked the lollipip song the best. I liked all your languages. I would love to go all around the world like you. — Dominick

Thank you for coming. I liked your songs, especially the lollipop. — Olivia Hopkins

I love your music! Ache Doe Teen Char Punch Say Art Now Dus One Two Three Four Fice Six Seven Eight Nine Ten – India — Alana

Thank you for coming. We liked it when you sang the lollipop song. Your singing voice is great! We really appreciated your songs. — Jesse and Derek

I love music. I love your voice. French – Borsor – hi – Comosova – How are you doing – Trabelen (L is silent) — good how r u – ouwar – by — Katie

I really appreciate you coming to sing to us. My favorite song was Way Down in the Valley-o. I loved your singing in all those different languages. Hola (hello) Gracias (thank you) uno doce trace quatro sinco saice sieta ocho noaive dias (1-10) — Love, Sheryl

I really appreciate that you came. I play the guitar too and I’m learning Happy Birthday. I can’t believe you talked about the Lord of the Rings. — Bethany

I think your music is great. I like the lollypop song best. I loved your music. I wish I could sing like that. — Your friend, Amy

Thank you for singing for us, you sound very nice. And you sound really good on the guitar! I think it’s neat how you can speak in a lot of different languages — Sincerely, Betsie

You’re a star. I really appreciate you coming. I like your Spanish. I liked when you sang the lollipop song. I liked the lullaby – it made me sleepy. — Joshua & Phillip

USA, March-April 2005

Dziekuje. I learned that other people in other countries have a cool way of singing. I liked when we did The Rattlin’ Bog, and that you said those words fast. I can’t say that that fast. Sincerely, Matthew J.

Dziekuje! I learned that songs from all over the world are interesting even if it is not the kind of music you like. My favorite song that you sang was Three-cornered Hat. Your songs were great! Your friend, Derek Reigel.

Dziekuje! I learned that different people from different places speak different languages. I liked the lollipop song and The Rattlin’ Bog. Sincerely, Joshua.

Gracias! I learned that the music we listened to may have sounded odd but I guess it’s just normal for those countries to listen to that kind of music. I like it when you played the song called The Rattlin’ Bog. Sincerely, Mikayla Ebeling.

Dziekuje! I learned that other languages are cool to say. I also learned other songs like the lullaby, lollipop, Three-cornered Hat. I like all the songs, especially Rattlin’ Bog because it is in my music book. Sincerely, Abby.

Gracias!!!! I learned that different language is really cool. I like Rattlin’ Bog a lot. Me and my mom sing it a lot. We got to the ocean because I kept making things up. Nathaniel.

Dziekuje! I learned that different people from different places speak different language. I liked when we all did the Rattlin’ Bog song. Your friend, Cassidy.

Dziekuje!! I learned that there are a lot of songs that you can learn in Polish, French, Hebrew and Spanish! I liked the song lollipop. That song was my favourite! Your friend from America, Kayla M Brooks.

Merci! I had a great time enjoying the show!! I liked when you sang The Rattlin’ Bog. I learned how to sing the lullaby you taught us. I had a great time. Your friend, Amber.

Dziekuje! I learned that it doesn’t matter how it sounds. I liked hi ho the rattlin’ bog. How did you sing it so fast? Sincerely, Jared.

Illumination from an Italian treatise by Guglielmo Ebreo of Pesaro: De pratica seu arte tripudii ('On the practice or art of dancing'), 1463

Illumination from an Italian treatise by Guglielmo Ebreo of Pesaro: De pratica seu arte tripudii (‘On the practice or art of dancing’), 1463