The Music Videos

As of August 2021, Jill has posted eight music videos on YouTube, representing respectively her albums The Voice of the WandererA Lone Voice, The Celtic Cradle, For Healing, Harp Music for Babies, Across the Narrow Seas,The King’s Well, & Still Life. She’s planning another one from her tenth album, Still Life. Watch this space.

Viewers’ comments:

“I loved the clips of your singing. You haven’t lost your touch!”

“…this is so beautiful.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jill’s voice so rich…  Really really beautiful.”

“Thanks for the lovely music. It is wonderful.”

“Absolutely lovely.”

Shlof mayn feygele:

“Lovely! Mazel tov, a real treasure!”

“Beautifully done, Jill.”

“The recording is beautiful, as are the photos.”

“Thank you so much for this beautiful, touching video clip.”

“Just looked and listened. How lovely that Jill has enriched her life so. Very nostalgic.”

Miriam Waiting:

“How beautiful, how soothing – this is truly music for the soul.”

Ir Me Kero Madre a Yerushalayim:

“Gorgeous song and gorgeous playing! Gorgeous pictures too!”

“Just gorgeous!”

To the Island:

“What a brave and bold concept executed wonderfully. The results are stunning. To The Island [is] one of the best vocals on the CD. This one is original… but sounds ancient. [Jill’s] vocal performance is very strong. Really loved the imagery of the lyrics. Really enjoyed listening to this terrific project.” — Acoustic Rainbow

Through the Night:

“How utterly, utterly beautiful!”

“Musical Magic in its finest form. Love it.”

“So very lovely (not the topic, but the song) & beautiful pictures to go along…”

“WONDERFUL!!! Excellent quality of recording – Jill’s voice sounds fantastic; beautiful graphics; and great use of photos. Lovely one of Ray, at the end. Kol hakavod.”

“I first heard this song while visiting our mutual friend, Susan Jennings….it brought tears to my eyes. The video is special, with those haunting lyrics, and your beautiful family photos, Jill! M. and I will treasure this, and I know S. and D. will!”

“Beautiful, with the added value of photographs of familiar faces from long-gone places. Touching.”

“Jill Rogoff singing with bell-like voice a song that brings tears to the eyes.”

“Beautiful. Sad, but the melody and Jill’s singing are charming and addictive!”

“Beautiful, Jill. Just beautiful!”

“This is so beautiful and so moving, and it gave me a good cry!”

The King’s Well:

“Beautiful song, lovely pictures.”

“I love it…it’s hauntingly beautiful!  One doesn’t ‘hear’ your music, one has to stop and listen…truly therapeutic as well as beautiful!”

“Great video and beautiful singing.”

“LOVELY!!! Great sound; beautiful arrangement. Really excellent.”

“This was the first thing I opened this morning and it is just SOOO fabulous. Wonderful song and wonderful singing. Looooved it.”

Still Life:

“Exquisite, Jill. You have made me very homesick too!! I also love seeing your family photos on the YouTube [videos].”


“This introduced me to Sleep, my little bird and the images of your family. Fond, fond memories.”