The Jill Rogoff Library

For many years, I have been planning a series of booklets in a modest format, to preserve in an orderly manner some of the sub-genres of traditional song that tend to get lost in the shuffle. The obvious candidates for this treatment are macaronic songs (songs in two or more languages), cumulative songs and riddle songs. That was the beginning of my list. It now includes the versions of various a cappella songs that I sing; songs from different ethnicities and countries, and some of the children’s programs that I present in schools and communities. No doubt the list will continue to lengthen as other categories and genres come to mind.

Altogether, the result will be a very personal collection that I shall be delighted to share with others as each booklet is published.

The first volume will be Voici le printemps, a small collection of (almost entirely) French traditional songs. I hope to have it ready in early 2017.

Watch this space as the list grows and the booklets become available.


the composers Guillaume Dufay & Gilles Binchoisthe composers Guillaume Dufay & Gilles Binchois