Still Life — JR 008

Still Life (JR 008)

Jill Rogoff, voice, harp & guitar

vocals: Jill Rogoff
harps: Triplett Nova (30-string) & Woodsong Kinneret (34-string)
guitars: Tama classical (standard tuning) & Takamine classical (open D tuning)
harmony vocals on My Annie: Jill Rogoff & Mitch Clyman
Recorded & mixed: Muso Studio, Jerusalem, December 2013-January 2014, February-August 2015
Produced by: Jill Rogoff & Mitch Clyman
Engineer: Mitch Clyman

All of Jill’s songs, text settings & arrangements are copyright. All other songs either copyright as indicated or public domain. Digitally mastered. ACUM. All rights reserved.

Cover photo: Ōnekaka Wharf, Tākaka, New Zealand ©Jill Rogoff

Thanks to: Mitch, Mike, Tali & Lisa, Joanna Katzen, Françoise Coriat, David Shemer, and the team at CD Plus2.

Dedicated with much love to my father, Reuben Lederman, who gave me the beautiful world of music in which I live.

1. Open House – ©Jill Rogoff 2006 – For my cousin Kathy & in memory of Linda Harter, who loved this song

2. Scél lem dúib [Tale for You] – music: ©Jill Rogoff 2011; anonymous 9th-century poem, attributed to Finn úa Baíscni (the legendary Fionn mac Cumhaill) – A poem in Old Gaelic (Irish) which I find hypnotic. Some things never change.

3. Tripping to Bed – ©Jill Rogoff 2013 (harp instrumental) – A jig which I wrote for my loving husband, Mike.

4. Dark-Eyed Molly ©Archie Fisher – I think this is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written; I’ve loved it for years and am delighted to record it at long last.

5. Homai o ringa [Extend your Hand] ©Hirini Melbourne (1959-2003)/Richard Nunns AMCOS – A little piece of home (New Zealand) that I love to sing.

6. De soi-même [About Himself] – music: ©Jill Rogoff 2003; poem: Clément Marot (1496 –1544) – When I learned this poem from Françoise Coriat, a walking encyclopedia of French culture, it haunted me for weeks. I ended up writing a melody and accompaniment as if it were an air de cour (a 17th-century lute ballad).

7. Lady Maisry – traditional Scots ballad – A song much loved in my family, thanks to the crystalline singing of the American duo Kathy & Carol.

8. Tabhair dom do lámh [Give Me Your Hand] by Ruaidri Dáll Ó Catháin (ca.1570-ca.1650) (harp instrumental) – Ruaidri is the man credited with the composition of the melody most folks know as Danny Boy. This delight for harp was written as a peace-offering to a hostess with whom he had quarrelled: I’m sure it melted her anger clean away.

9. Little Miracles – ©Jill Rogoff 2004 – In memory of Jenny Allen, Catriona McKay, David Nelson & Dennis Galler; written as a way of dealing with my grief for friends who died too young, while still others were fading.

10. The Song of the Wandering Aengus – William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) (public domain); harp arrangement: ©Jill Rogoff 2015 – A poem and melody that I’ve loved since the early 1960s, when I first heard Judy Collins sing it.

11. May to December – verse melody: traditional British Isles; chorus melody & lyrics: ©Jill Rogoff 2009 – A true story, I promise you, and one of the worst nights of my life so far; but I learned a strong lesson or two from it.

12. Yn cyntaf cariad [First Love] – traditional Welsh (public domain); harp arrangement: ©Jill Rogoff 2015 – Learned in my teens from the singing (and exquisite enunciation) of the beloved late Welsh tenor Meredydd Evans (1919-2015).

13. My Father’s Niggùn – ©Jill Rogoff 2012 (instrumental) – No words are enough to thank my father for such a priceless gift as the music to which he introduced me from infancy onward; so I’ll try with a wordless melody in the style of a traditional Ashkenazic niggùn.

14. My Annie – music: ©Jill Rogoff 2003; lyrics: Ray Scudero (1946-2005); ©Joanna Katzen – The only Rogoff/Scudero collaboration in writing. By the time I learned the lyrics, Ray was too ill to pass on to me the melody he’d written; he permitted me to write one of my own, and I can only hope that it somehow echoes the original.

15. Le retour du marin [The Sailor’s Return] – traditional French (public domain); harp arrangement: ©Jill Rogoff 2003 – I learned this heartbreaking old ballad from Françoise Coriat, who in turn learned it from her grandmother in France, over seventy years ago.

16. The Other Night – music: ©Jill Rogoff 1999; lyrics: anonymous translation of a traditional 15th-century English carol – I picked up a slightly different version of this translation in a compilation, unaware that the original text, This Endrys Night, had a melody. Some years after I’d written my own, I found the original tune but, after careful listening, I have to admit that I prefer my own.

17. Blow the Wind Southerly – traditional English (public domain); harp arrangement: ©Jill Rogoff 2015 – One of the first songs I learned at school in New Zealand, at age five (that’s a very long time ago now). I’ve always found it charming and am happy to revive it in concert, as it’s so seldom sung these days.

18. Still Life – ©Jill Rogoff 2008 – Inspired by the beautiful, peaceful bay at Tākaka on the northern coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The front cover photograph shows just part of the view.

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