Across the Narrow Seas — JR003

Across the Narrow Seas JR003

The Golden Vanity
The Gartan Mother’s Lullaby
The Three Fishers
Far Over The Forth
Through The Night
Johnny And Molly
The King Of Pipers
If I Were A Blackbird
Willie’s Rare
The Conflict
The Union
She’s Like the Swallow
Across The Narrow Seas

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Jill’s third solo album, Across the Narrow Seas, was recorded in England in 1996. It mainly showcases traditional songs from Scotland and Ireland, but also includes another classic song by singer-songwriter Ray Scudero, Through the Night; a powerful setting by Garnet Rogers of the 19th-century poem The Three Fishers, and Jill’s first poem-setting, The Conflict, by the late British poet-laureate (1968-72) C. Day-Lewis.

In autumn 2016, Jill re-released this album in CD format (it also remains available as a download through CD Baby). This is a limited edition, and the physical copies (discs) are can be ordered directly only from Jilly.

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