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PLEASE NOTE: As of September 2021, Jill is working on the information on this website regarding the accessibility of her albums via CD Baby in the USA. The company has completely revamped its website, and it’s taking some time to sort out the online availability of the albums and individual tracks, and other technical matters. Jill will update the information here — and on other pages — as soon as she can.

Meanwhile, if you urgently want an album or a track, please contact Jill directly.

Still Life (JR 008) Still Life– JR008

Harp Music for Babies – FNN31102010 

For Healing – JR007

A Lone Voice JR006   A Lone Voice – JR006

The Voice of the Wanderer JR005  The Voice of the Wanderer – JR005

In the Heart of Winter


In the Heart of Winter – FNN1007021

The King's Well JR004

The King’s Well – JR004

Across the Narrow Seas JR003

Across the Narrow Seas – JR003

   The Celtic Cradle – JR002

Through an Open Door JR001

Through an Open Door – JR001

Dí Ke No Es Tadre

Dí Ke No Es Tadre

The Celtic Lullaby album cover

Celtic Lullaby

Keltic with Klezmer album cover

Keltic with Klezmer

To hear music samples from Jill’s solo albums, click on the CD cover of the album you are interested in: this will lead you to the track list. There you can click on underlined titles of songs.

To date, Jill’s solo albums are: Through an Open Door (see below); The Celtic Cradle (winner of the 1995 Gold NAPPA award and the 1995 Parent’s Choice Silver Award); Across The Narrow Seas; The King’s Well, The Voice of the Wanderer, A Lone Voice, For Healing, Harp Music for Babies, the live benefit album In the Heart of Winter and Still Life.

In 2013, Jill released her two harp albums, For Healing (JR007) and Harp Music for Babies (FNN31102010). After the limited CD edition is sold out, the albums will remain available for download from CD Baby.

For Healing includes part of Jill’s therapeutic repertoire, which she uses to assist the troubled, the sick and the terminally ill in both private settings and in a local Jerusalem hospital. You don’t have to be sick or troubled to enjoy this music, however. It is gentle, soothing and yet uplifting at the same time – the perfect tonic at the end of a long, hard day. Compact discs of this album can only be ordered directly from Jill; it is also available as a download from CD Baby.

Harp Music for Babies (FNN31102010) includes part of the repertoire that Jill plays for premature babies and sick children in a local Jerusalem hospital. It is also appealing to healthy children, of course. Please note: The album for children is shorter than the one for adults.The same tracks feature on For Healing, but there are tracks on JR 007 that do not appear on FNN 31102010, due to some of the principles of the therapeutic music profession. Compact discs of this album can only be ordered directly from Jill; it is also available as a download from CD Baby.

Through an Open Door — released in cassette format only – is long sold out. People have been expressing interest in purchasing copies in a CD format. This can be arranged by contacting Jill directly. She has no plans at present to re-release this album for general distribution.

News flash!  Jill has now re-released both her award-winning second album,  The Celtic Cradle, and her third album, Across the Narrow Seas, in compact disc form. These are both limited editions, and the discs can only be ordered directly from Jill – in addition to their both remaining available as downloads on CD Baby.

A Lone Voice has been released as a download album on select websites; a limited number of compact discs can only be ordered directly from Jill. Once they are sold, the album will only remain available as a download on CD Baby.

With the exception of Through an Open Door and Harp Music For Babies, the price of each compact disc is NIS 60 / USD 15 / Euro 14, plus postage and packaging (p&p) for one item. Because of the local postal tariffs, the larger the package, the cheaper it usually is per item. Jill will answer each individual order, quoting the most updated postal rates.

The limited CD edition of Harp Music for Babies (FNN31102010) sells for only NIS50 / USD12 / Euro 11, plus postage and packaging (p&p) for one item. The same suggestions apply with regard to postal rates as above. Please note: this selection is shorter than the other albums.


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Jill’s live benefit album, In the Heart of Winter, is sold out and will not be re-released in any format. Thank-you to all who supported this project.


For the albums on which Jill also appeared, see the separate pages of each of these three albums: Keltic with Klezmer (Sunita Staneslow); Celtic Lullaby (a compilation album) and Dí Ke No Es Tadre (Say It’s Not Too Late — an album of new songs in Ladino).