Shining Star, Hear My Call!

Tradition and ritual in the British Isles star

Originally conceived for the prestigious Abu Ghosh Vocal Festival outside of Jerusalem, this program shows the extent of Jill’s musical immersion in the culture of the British Isles. Singing mostly in various Celtic languages (Gaelic, Scots Gaelic, Welsh & Manx Gaelic) — but with a few songs in English — Jill introduces her audience to an exciting and moving array of musical styles, from para-liturgical chant to songs about daily activities. On this enchanting journey we meet innocent country girls, ardent lovers, hard-working labourers, and religious figures, as we learn of different beliefs (Christian, Pagan and Jewish) in different locales around the British Isles. To accommodate those who are happy to hear only Celtic-language songs, Jill has adapted this program as The Celtic Heart.


May 17, 2002 Abu Ghosh Vocal Festival, Abu Ghosh, Israel

July 26, 2002 Yad HaShemona, Israel