Roses & Briars

Images of women in medieval & traditional song:

Jill introduces a remarkable variety of women – some you might want for your daughter-in-law and others you would not want to meet at night in a dark alley. Lacing her program with humour and humanity, Jill presents different images of women from the past millennium in songs from the Middle East to North America: songs true and fantastical, spiritual and earthy, which span time, places and cultures in a rich, thought-provoking mélange.


December 27, 2001 Har Adar, Israel

January 12, 2002 Meitar, Israel

March 2, 2002 Kehilat Ya’ar, Ramot, Israel

April 11, 2002 Kfar Saba, Israel

September 27, 2002 Abu Ghosh Vocal Festival, Abu Ghosh, Israel

December 13, 2002 Yad HaShemona, Israel

March 19, 2005 Los Angeles, USA

March 20, 2005 Walnut Creek, CA, USA

March 31, 2005 Presbyterian Church, Clearfield, PA, USA

April 10, 2005 Falling Spring Chapel, Chambersburg, PA, USA

March 6, 2007 Beit Shmuel, Jerusalem

June 4, 2009 benefit concert for Isha l’isha Women’s Shelter, Jerusalem, Israel

October 8, 2009 Italian Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

 Medieval woodcut; detail from Sarum Horae, published in Paris by Pigouchet for Jean Richard in 1494

 Medieval woodcut; a detail from Officium B V Mariae,published in Venice in 1493