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Jill presents a taste of her several genres: a unique combination of traditional music from various cultures (including British Isles/Celtic), medieval song, her own songs and settings of other people’s poetry. This program also demonstrates her deep interest in various languages and cultures, as she sings in English, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), Latin, Hebrew, Welsh, Gaelic, Scots Gaelic and Old Provençal. She guides her audience through a wide range of experiences and emotions that leaves them moved and enriched.


June 1, 2002, Tiyulei Zahav, Haifa, Israel

May 5, 2003, St Ludmilla’s chapel, Kamenný Přívoz, Czech Republic

May 17, 2003, Bärenhofkapelle, Titisee, Germany

May 19, 2003, Centrepoint, Basel, Switzerland

July 15, 2003, Hussite Church, Jilové u Prahy, Czech Republic

February 12, 2004, Vero Beach Community Church, Vero Beach, FL, USA

February 15, 2004, Falling Spring Chapel, Chambersburg, PA, USA

February 19, 2004, Xenos Fellowship, Columbus, OH, USA

April 30, 2004, Harduf Restaurant, Harduf, Israel

October 3, 2004, Lorenzkirche, St. Georgen im Schwarzwald, Germany

October 7, 2004, Evangelische Kirche, Neustadt, Germany

December 3, 2004, The Scots Hall, Raumati, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

July 22, 2005, house concert, Rosh Ha‘ayin, Israel

October 23, 2005, Schlosskapelle, Böttstein, Switzerland

November 4, 2005, The Atrium, Prague, Czech Republic

November 5, 2005, Středozemĕ, Nové Mĕsto na Moravé, Czech Republic

November 6, 2005, Evangelical Church, Trutnov, Czech Republic

February 16, 2006, The Society for the Protection of Nature, Jerusalem

October 26, 2006, house concert, Silver Spring, MD, USA

October 28, 2006, house concert, Heathrow, FL, USA

October 6 2007, Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

May 1, 2009, for the JB Foerster Society, Prague, Czech Republic

February 10, 2014, house concert, Melbourne, Australia

Medieval woodcut; a detail from Horae, published in Paris by Dupré for Vérard in 1489-90 Medieval woodcut; a detail from Horae, published in Paris by Dupré for Vérard in 1489-90