Both Sides the Pond

traditional & contemporary Irish & American songs

The result of a special request by a house-concert host, this program gives Jill an opportunity to present some of her favourite American songs from her childhood, interlaced with a variety of traditional and contemporary Irish songs that she has also loved for a long time. As she puts it, this is “a trip down my memory lane”. She intersperses the songs with commentary about the social and historical contexts of the songs, making connections you might not have thought of. Be ready to sing along! A delightful evening.

June 10, 2006 Jerusalem, Israel

October 17, 2006 Xenos Christian Fellowship, Columbus OH, USA

November 17, 2007, Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

June 5, 2009, house concert, Tivon, Israel

Illumination from Fabritio Caroso's dance manual Il Ballarino, 1581

Illumination from Fabritio Caroso’s dance manual Il Ballarino, 1581