The Programs

Here you’ll find summaries of the various dedicated concert programs that Jill currently presents. This is meant to assist those who are organising and advertising concerts on her behalf.

Each program has its own page, with a description and (where relevant) a list of the venues where Jill has presented it, so far.

Jill continues to prepare other programs. The one nearest readiness, at the present, is an all-Irish program [title: And a Soft Rain Falling]. Also in the pipeline: a companion program to Roses & Briars about the different images of men in traditional music [title: Rogues, Rakes & Renegades]; another about the sea [title: Companioned by the Sea], and a project that will present medieval music and poetry from Spain, Italy and England (don’t hold your breath for this one: it’s going to take years to prepare!).

Watch this page for further details.

Jill singing in Marburg-am-Lahn, Germany.

Jill singing in Marburg-am-Lahn, Germany.