Social Action

Get involved! Make a difference!

As the song says, “We can’t solve all the world’s problems, but we can try to put the little things right.” There are some things that we can all try to help change. Please take a few moments to read the following paragraphs and pass on the message to your family and friends. There are so many organisations out there, with good people trying to fix all the stuff that’s broken: even if you choose to support only one of them, your assistance will be valuable and appreciated.

A problem critically connected to the environment is the way many people in the West shop for clothing. The amount of wastage, both in economic and environmental terms, is staggering, and truly scary. Please take the time to watch the 2015 documentary The True Cost. You’ll never look at the fashion/clothing industry the same way again. Tell all your family and friends, get them to watch it, and start making a genuine difference today!

We need to return the world’s oceans to health. Much is already being done. Help out every day, or as often as you can, and see what you can do to change your lifestyle — even in relatively small ways — to assist in this monumental task. Oceana is one of several organisations in this sector. Check them out.

Another organisation researching, conserving, and trying hard to heal the ocean is Only One.

An enjoyable – as well as helpful – thing to do is click every day on the site of Free the Ocean:  each click goes toward removing another piece of plastic from the Ocean. So far, people around the world have enabled their teams to remove over 20 million pieces: sadly it’s not enough yet, but every piece help. They share stunning photographs and videos, and share information. They also have a store where you can purchase ecologically sensible products.

Humanitarian emergencies:

The current situation in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Chad and Darfur, and many other locations, with enormous numbers of vulnerable, under-privileged people in need of assistance in many aspects of their lives, calls to us from around the world. Please help now by donating to the various campaigns. Small donations add up; so even if you can’t afford to give large sums of money, please give something toward medical supplies, food and other necessities. An Irish organisation, Concern works as both a fast response emergency agency and a facilitator of long-term development projects, recognising that there is a strong link between poverty and the impact of emergencies. This non-governmental, non-denominational organisation maintains a clear mission to respond to emergencies alongside its established work in development. Concern works in many countries where poverty is at unimaginable levels. Check out their site. Thank-you for helping.

Make a difference every day by clicking on each of the following sites. By donating to these important causes, you can help improve the situation on this planet. For those who have to watch their pennies: it won’t cost you more than a few seconds.


The Hunger Site

The Breast Cancer Site

The Autism Site

The Alzheimer’s Site

The Diabetes Site

The Literacy Site

The Animal Rescue Site

The Rainforest Site

Another site well worth checking out is that of Survival International. This organisation — independent of all government funding — was established in 1969, and has a long record of supporting tribal peoples around the world to achieve greater self-sufficiency and hold on to their lands. You can make a difference by donating money, signing petitions, writing letters, and/or volunteering. These campaigns have proved successful in several places, and with the help of concerned people, such successes will multiply over the coming years. In earlier centuries, tribal peoples who were threatened by Western civilisation were pretty helpless, and we can only look back in anger and regret at their fate. Today, with trans-global communications at an all-time high, we can make the best possible use of the technologies at our disposal to help those still fighting for a dignified way of life of their own choosing. For gift ideas for the turning of the year, you might like to check out the annual calendars, greetings cards and special T-shirts that the organisation sells to help raise urgently-needed funding for their projects.

If you’ve been carrying around an organ donor’s card for years, believing that by signing up for one your wish to donate organs will be respected, check it out more carefully in the country where you live. In the USA and UK, for example, just having the card is not enough. You need to make a binding legal agreement through a lawyer so that your wish to donate organs is not overridden by your family. Several organisations deal with this important topic. One of them, in the USA, is the James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness. Please don’t hesitate to sign up as a potential donor of organs and/or tissue: there are thousands of people out there in desperate need.

Universal Giving is an NPO that promotes both the giving of donations and volunteering as an everyday part of life. This web-based service connects donors and volunteers with the organisation most appropriate to their field of interest.

Medieval woodcut; from the Defensorium Virginitatis Mariae, 1471.

Medieval woodcut; from the Defensorium Virginitatis Mariae, 1471.