January 2013: Jill has just finished mastering her album of therapeutic harp music, For Healing. This will feature some of the repertoire she uses in therapeutic sessions at a hospital in Jerusalem, and in private homes. Watch this space for further details, as they come to press.

In 2013 Jill plans to launch The Jill Rogoff Library, a series of booklets of songs that she has collected and/or sung over the years and that are not always easily available. The first volume will be traditional French songs from a project that she undertook in 2001. The second volume will be one of Yiddish songs that are favourites of hers or of members of her extended family. Watch this space for further information, as it comes to hand.

February 2013: Jill has begun to give lessons on Skype. Her first overseas harp student lives in Norway.

April 2013: Jill sang a series of sets of traditional British Isles music, with guitar and harp, at the Christ Church Spring Fair in the Old City of Jerusalem. Among the beneficiaries of this charity event were the St Louis French Hospital (a hospice for the terminally ill), an organisation for the protection and assistance of battered women and their families, and an organisation that provides emergency surgery in Israel for Palestinian and Iraqi children suffering from severe illnesses. Despite the seriousness of each organisation and its work, the day was a lot of fun, and people enjoyed the silent auction, the tombola, the various stalls and the music and — not the least — the gorgeous sunshine.

Jill has released her two therapeutic harp albums, For Healing and Harp Music for Babies. Check ’em out!

May: Jill has been invited to give a full-length concert at the Tzora Folk Club on Thursday, June 27th. She will be taking the opportunity to pay tribute to some of her favourite songwriters. Don’t miss it.

June: Jill is beginning to prepare a concert of Christmas carols from around the world for some time in the winter.The concert will take place at Christ Church, in the Old City of Jerusalem, on the evening of Saturday, December 14. Mark the date. Further details to follow here and elsewhere on the site.

August: Jill has been invited to sing again at the Yehiam Renaissance Festival in the Galilee. She’ll present a brand-new program, Secret Journeys of the Soul, singing songs from the 7th to the 17th centuries and accompanying herself on harp and percussion instruments. The concert will take place on Tuesday, September 24th at 12PM midday in the Migdalim Hall at Yehiam. 

September: Jill will be participating in the opening concert of the third Israel Harp Conference in October: it will feature herself, Sunita Staneslow and Nicolas Carter, a Paraguayan harpist. 8PM, Saturday, October 19th at St. Andrew’s Memorial Church, Jerusalem. See the public concerts page for contact details.

September-October: DJs in Holland, Germany and the UK are playing tracks from Jill’s 2012 album, A Lone Voice.

October: Jill is busy preparing the program of Christmas and winter-time songs that she will be performing at Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday, December 14 at 7:30 PM (19:30). Save the date.

December: The Christmas concert is coming up — Saturday,  Dec. 14, 7:30 PM at Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem. Jill has chosen some of her favourite Christmas/New Year songs (there just isn’t time for all her favourites in one concert) and can guarantee that this is a unique mix of songs, never performed before in one program. Come along and sing!

December 13: Due to the snow and the concomitant transportation difficulties, Jill has cancelled her Dec. 14 concert. Watch this page for rescheduling.

Jill will now give her Christmas concert in a (smoke-free) private home in Jerusalem. Saturday, December 28th at 7:30PM. NIS 50. As space is limited, reservations are necessary. Contact Jill and she’ll give you the details about the venue. Tel. 02-679-0410.

January 2014:

Jill is starting the year with something she really loves to do: recording. She has written several tunes, songs and poem-settings that have not yet been set down for posterity, and is also looking forward to recording — at long last — some of her medieval repertoire and Christmas songs.

Meanwhile, she featured at the January 2014 meeting of the monthly Jerusalem Folk Music Evenings, sharing the evening with Mo and the ‘Mericans and others.

Jill has started recording more of her harp repertoire — part of this big recording project for the year. Fifteen tracks down, so far, and still having fun!

February: A benefit concert in a private home in Melbourne, Australia, supported Jill’s work as a therapeutic musician at a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at a hospital in Jerusalem. Jill gave a brief talk about her work in the hospital, and then presented a program of songs from her broad and varied repertoire, accompanying herself on harp and guitar. The funds raised by the generous audience will cover more than six months of Jill’s PICU work.

April: Jill has been invited to give two house recitals — one in Jerusalem (Saturday June 7th; 8:30 PM — e-mail Jill to reserve your places — space is limited) and the other in Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv concert was originally slated for May 17, but Jill’s seasonal allergies have got the better of her. This concert has been postponed; watch this space for the new date.

Apart from the house recitals, Jill is preparing a three-hour harp concert for a private charity event in Jerusalem, during Pesach (Passover).

May: Some of Jill’s harp music was chosen for the soundtrack of a local documentary film, Dilarosa’s Inscription, which is soon to be released.

June: Jill is now planning an all-Scots program for a further house concert in Jerusalem around December. Watch this space for further details. POSTPONED FOR TECHNICAL REASONS

August: Jill was approached to play basso continuo with the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra for a special music production in January 2015. Sadly, her harp doesn’t reach low enough notes, but she was thrilled to be asked anyway. 🙂 Meanwhile, she is working on a play list for a radio drive through an agent in Nashville. Very exciting. In addition, she is beginning to work on two more videos for her YouTube channel.

August: Jill will be participating in the second Israel Harp Festival in Jaffa, during Hannukah. At 16:00 (4PM) on Monday, December 22nd, she will give a workshop on Early Music for harp (medieval and Renaissance pieces) and at 18:00 (6PM) will participate in a concert for harp and voice. Watch this space for further details.

September: Early in the month, Jill will be on hand with her harp music for a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Oncology Day Center at the Jerusalem hospital where she works regularly. She will play some of the repertoire that she uses in this aspect of her work and will give a speech (in Hebrew) about her experiences over the past decade as a therapeutic musician.

November: Jill’s own song, Time for Letting Go, is in the International Top 30 chart for independent singers/songwriters in South Africa: something she never dreamed of. 🙂 Early in the month, she will play harp at the opening of the Comprehensive Breast Health Complex at Shaarei Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem (where she works part-time as a therapeutic harper); she has also been invited again to play in a 2,000-year-old hall underground, in the Old City of Jerusalem, for a private event.

Please note: Jill’s planned concert for December (Scots music) has had to be postponed to the New Year (2015), for technical reasons. Watch this space for further details.

A new harp has joined the beloved Triplett Nova in Jill’s music room: a beautiful 34-string Kinneret floor harp, made by Pete Isacowitz of Woodsong, Israel.

March: Jill’s sixth music video is now posted elsewhere on this site (The Music Videos), on YouTube and on her professional Facebook page (Jill Rogoff, musician).

April: Jill has just finished setting to music the famous Cædmon’s Hymn (from the 7th century). She hopes to record it in the coming months, to add to her upcoming album of early music.

She has also completed her seventh music video and has posted it both on YouTube and on the Music Videos page on this site.

May: On May 30th, Jill will be participating in an evening of country and bluegrass, to honour and remember the late mandolinist/guitarist Paul Graham. This will take place at The First Station in Jerusalem, beginning with an hour-long informal jam at 8PM, and then the ‘official’ concert will begin at 9PM. Despite the sad reason for the gathering, it should be an enjoyable evening. Come one, come all!

November: On December 26th, Jill will play harp at the Festival of the Spirit, to be held in different venues around Jerusalem. She will appear at The First Station. Watch here for further details.

December: Due to some medical issues, Jill is currently taking a temporary break from public appearances. She hopes to be back in the coming months.

January 2016: Jill has begun the new year with a fresh translation of a 9th-century Irish poem which she set to music five years ago (and which is the first track on her tenth album, Still Life). She hopes to continue setting medieval Irish texts to music in the coming months.

April 2016: Jill’s tenth album, Still Life, is now available. PLEASE NOTE: Due to a gap in the current international copyright arrangements between various countries, the entire album – with the original order of songs – can only be ordered directly from Jill. The downloads, which are available from CD Baby, do not include two of the songs from the list. The downloads, which are now available from CD Baby, do not include two of the songs from the list.

July 2016: Jill’s third album, Across the Narrow Seas, is now available again in compact disc form – in addition to remaining available as a download on CD Baby. The discs can only be ordered directly from Jill. The limited edition of discs has SOLD OUT. The album remains available at CD Baby.

August 2016: After a long hiatus, Jill is currently preparing her songbook The White Rose for e-publication. Covering over 300 years, this volume contains the largest compilation of Jacobite songs ever collected, including material in Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Manx Gaelic and Cornish. Watch this space for details.

Thursday, January 26, 2017: Jill played harp in an evening celebrating the publication of a new book of Hebrew poetry about mourning. This took place at the Masie House Theatre, in downtown Jerusalem, under the auspices of Mashiv Haruach.

Spring 2017: Jill re-released her prize-winning second album,  The Celtic Cradle, in compact disc form. This is a limited edition, and the discs are available only directly from Jill – in addition to the album’s remaining available as a download on CD Baby. The limited edition of discs has SOLD OUT. The album remains available at CD Baby.

March 9-15: Jill attended the second Virtual Harp Summit, broadcast from Berkeley, California.

August: Jill continues to heal, after more than two years of orthopaedic issues. She’s been slowly (carefully) returning to recitals and concerts, and is very happy to be returning to this side of her musical life.

September 14-21: Jill will be attending the third Virtual Harp Summit.

Tuesday, October 17: Jill will feature at the Jerusalem Folk Evening. Starting time: 20:00 (8PM) (till 23:00-ish). Venue: the Kopp Hall, 48 Dereh Beit Lehem (corner Yiftach Street), Jerusalem. Admission: 40 shekels, including light refreshments

Thursday, December 7: Jill will give her first full-length public concert in 2.5 years (after some orthopaedic issues)! Songs for a Winter’s Night: Christmas Songs from Many Lands will take place in a private home in Jerusalem. Starting-time: 19:45 (7:45PM). Admission: NIS 50. For reservations and venue details, call 0524554113. Space is limited, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Wednesday, December 20: Jill has been asked to present some of her broad range of music with the harp (both vocal and instrumental) at the third Israel Harp Festival, taking place this Hanuka at the music academy on Giv’at Ram, Jerusalem. Starting-time: 1PM (i.e. in the middle of the day.) Further details to follow.

In March 2017, Jill returned to giving public concerts with her Both Sides the Pond program at a private residence in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, due to some further health issues, she was obliged to take another break from public performances for a few months.

In August 2018, while attending an international conference on medieval music in southern Sweden, Jill gave a revised version of her early music program Secret Journeys of the Soul in a 12th-century chapel.

2018: Jill’s site went down due to some (unasked for) interference from her web host. She’s trying to get it all fixed and hopes to have all the categories in her drop-down menu available again by the middle of 2019. Thanks for your patience.

September 2018: Jill is starting to teach a weekly, 36 session course about the musical traditions of Britain and Ireland at a community centre in Jerusalem. This is an idiosyncratic, utterly unique look at what is and is not traditional… full of surprises!

July 20, 2020: Well, so much for that! Jill’s assistant with the website has been extremely busy, so I’ve had to wait a long time. We’ll see what we can get done this summer. Thank-you for your patience.

I’ve been debating for months whether to return to my therapeutic work in a local hospital, after taking a professional break last year to recoup my strength and take some courses. Just as I was intending to return, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, and I held off making a decision.
After five years of a variety of orthopaedic issues, while I’m still emotionally strong enough for this work, the physical aspect of it is no longer tenable for me. So, I’ve informed the hospital that I won’t be returning, although I will continue to do this work privately.
Am feeling a little sad and regretful, but am grateful for the privilege of having helped and touched the lives of thousands of patients and their families over the years. Door closes, window opens? In this case, door closes. Period. It’s time.
July 23, 2020: At long last, the site seems to be okay. Many thanks to Philipp for his skills, knowledge, and patience.
August 9th, 2020: Jill attended an international webinar about playing medieval music on the harp. It was hosted by renowned player Bill Taylor, based in Ardival, Scotland.
Summer 2020: Jill felt very privileged to be able to attend — online — the Edinburgh Harp Festival. Not the same as being in the same room as the harper/harpist, but a whole lot more affordable. 😉
2021: Jill continues to prepare new songs, refresh old ones, and prepare lectures and concerts.
Summer 2021: Jill has been attending various workshops online with harper Bill Taylor, and has also caught an early music festival in Ireland, a international conference on historical harps, and an international forum on research in medieval music. It’s all fascinating and exciting, and a blast to witness.
September 1, 2021 :Jill’s first public concert since Corona hit the world. It was a blast.
September 2021: Please note, : Jill is in the process of updating the information on her website about the availability of her albums and individual tracks via CD Baby — which has completely reset its website. This is going to take some time. If, in the meantime, you are urgently in need of one of Jill’s albums, or a particular track, please contact Jill personally.
October-December 2021: She will be giving a mini-course (three sessions) about Scots, English, and Irish traditional music at Beit Moses in Jerusalem, October-December 2021
October 2021: Jill has been invited to be a mainliner at the Jerusalem Folk Evening on Tuesday, 11 January, 2022. The new venue will be announced as soon as that information is available. Starting-time: 20:00 (8 PM) Hope to see you there.