Friends & Colleagues

Jill’s albums The Celtic Cradle, Across the Narrow Seas, The King’s Well, The Voice of the Wanderer and A Lone Voice are all now available from CD Baby as downloads. The company also holds physical discs of The Celtic Cradle, The King’s Well and The Voice of the Wanderer. All these albums can be ordered as physical copies directly from Jill. Check them out.

Another musician on the Israeli folk scene is harpist/harper par excellence Sunita Staneslow.

Ray Scudero is gone, but his music lives on.

For high-quality sound production in the heart of Jerusalem, contact Mitch Clyman of Muso Productions.

For glorious South American harp music, listen to Alfredo Rolando Ortiz. Try to catch him in concert or in a workshop so that you can watch his hands dancing on the harp.

If you like Irish harp music, try the concerts and recordings of Gráinne Hambly, one of the finest harpers you’ll ever hear.

For a jazzy look on life, look to Esther Haynes in the USA, who sings both in a duo with Phil Mathieu and with the group Hokum Jazz.

If, like Jill, you love the inspiring sound of sea shanties sung heartily by a group of male voices, you’re bound to enjoy listening to the Baggyrinkle Swansea Shanty Men. They sing in three-part harmony, sometimes accompanied by the concertina.

For excellent translations into English of some of the finest European poetry from days gone by, visit the site generously posted by Mr Tony Kline, a gentleman with a wonderful feel for language. This includes ancient Roman poetry, the entire body of Petrarch’s sonnets, and more recent classics as well.

Deb Filler is a stand-up comic with a difference: sometimes she also makes you cry! For a look at her internationally successful shows Punch Me in the Stomach and Filler Up!, it’s well worth taking a look at her web site.

Luz Marina Ortiz designs beautiful harp jewelry, all made in sterling silver from her native Colombia.

Woodsong is the Harp Center of the Galilee and the master craftsman is Pete Isacowitz. His instruments are made with skill, care and a whole lot of love. As of December 2014, I’m about to become the proud owner of one of his Kinneret harps — 34 strings. She’s a beautiful creature.

For a detailed look at the folk scene in New Zealand, visit the New Zealand Folk Song home page.

For a look at the Jewish folk scene around the world, visit Tara Music Publications and Jewish Music.

Medieval woodcut; detail from Horae, published in Paris in 1506

Let me introduce you to some friends and acquaintances who play in Early Music:

The Esterházy Ensemble, whose members are Michael Brüssing (baryton), Mária Brüssing (viola) and András Bolyky (violoncello), specialises in rare music on the baryton. They are based in Vienna.

Medieval woodcut; detail from Dyalogus Creaturarum, published in Gouda in 1480