Meet Jill Rogoff

“Jill is extremely talented. She’s been an inspiration to me for many years.” — L. S., Israel

“A magnificent voice!”

“Jill is the most astonishing musician I’ve ever heard.”

“Jill creates her own kind of magic.” — Miriam Meltzer, Israel

“Remember, Mama, whenever I’m sick or if my arm hurts or my leg hurts or if I have a cough or if I have hiccups or something like that, or if I’m in trouble — you need to bring Nonna to me to sing her songs.” — N., Jill’s eldest grandson

“Thank you for following your passion and sharing your gifts with us, you are marvelous.”

“I LOVE your CD [Still Life]. I am telling everyone that I met the ‘Joan Baez of Israel.’

“Jill’s music has a beautiful and interesting feel to it. Her harp playing has a lot of polyrhythms and her vocals are very subtle: they’re different with each genre of music that she sings.” — Mitch Clyman, Muso Productions, Jerusalem

“A magical singer with an extraordinary repertoire.”

“I hope you will continue to bring your beautiful voice and melodies to listeners all over! ” — Rahel, US

“I love the music you write and the tunes and also the stories that go with them.”

“Ah, Jill. The one with the voice like a bell.” — Yitzhak Navon, fifth President of Israel

“Jill, thank you for honoring us with your lovely musical talent. I was so intrigued by the graceful movement of your hands as you played the harp, and the expressive lyrics of your songs.”

“Your concerts sound great – I am not surprised your public cheers. What a gift! Fantastic! A wonderfully versatile lady singer.” — Michaela Freemanova, Czech Republic

“Jill, you always make the walls sing!”

“Love your singing.” — Joe Newberry

“I’m always embraced by the voice and the variety of music.  I find it soothing, emotional and always interesting.  I frequently play different discs depending on how I’m feeling at the time.”

“Jill’s music is so delicate…It’s utterly different from what you usually hear these days.”


New Zealand-born Jill Rogoff specialises in traditional music — particularly British Isles/Celtic and Jewish — and early music (from early medieval times onward). She is also a singer-songwriter, therapeutic harper, arranger and unofficial musicologist.

Her music covers 1,400 years, which is why she always invites her audiences to sit down. While she has sung in venues where the audience has numbered thousands, she far prefers more intimate venues, where the music she sings and plays, and the stories she tells with the lyrics, journey from her heart and soul to those of each listener. She elaborates: “I’m inviting my audience into my personal world: they are guests in my spiritual home. My music is for people who can forget the rat-race for a while, and who are prepared to put aside the questionable musical and artistic values continually being thrust at them through so many different media from business-based sources. My music is neither commercial nor trendy; it has no use-by date. Much of it is introspective and quiet, but I always delight in offering surprises.”



As of February 2022, Jill is working on establishing an independent shop on this site.






After a long hiatus, in 2016 Jill began preparing her songbook The White Rose further for e-publication at long last (twenty years after beginning the project). Covering over 300 years, this volume contains the largest compilation of Jacobite songs ever collected, including material in Scots Gaelic, Irish, Manx Gaelic, and Cornish. Life got in the way, and then the Corona pandemic struck. As a result, Jill has had to put this off for a little longer. Watch this space for details. in the — hopefully — not-too-distant future.




So far, Jill has posted eight music videos on YouTube, representing her albums For Healing, Harp Music for BabiesThe Voice of the Wanderer, The Celtic Cradle, A Lone Voice, Across the Narrow Seas, The King’s Well, & Still Life.  You can also check them out on the Music Videos page here (under Words & Music).

Jill teaches, sings and plays for her living, and arranges her own concert schedule. She is available for concerts (both public and private), school concerts, illustrated lectures, workshops and  therapeutic harp sessions. To set these up, please contact Jill directly.

If you want a lesson in singing, stage craft, help with pronouncing languages, folk guitar or lever harp, you can also contact Jill directly.

If there’s something missing from this site that you’d like to see Jill add, you can “Like” her professional Facebook page (“Jill Rogoff musician”) and chat with her there.

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